Road Trip

I shot a roll of 120 velvia on a trip awhile back. Finally got the scans edited. Here ya go. Click the image to open it in a light box.

Science Fair

The show at Spacelab turned out really nice. Aside from the weather, everything went well. James C. and The Two Lips killed it, and people seemed to have a good time. Hopefully we can do it again sometime! Here's a crappy little panoramic of the show. I still need to properly document.

Road Trip

I will be unloading some photos from our trip onto the internet in the next couple weeks. This one is from the sunrise at Mescalero Sands in New Mexico. The temp got down to the single digits that night, and to top it off, Elam urinated on my sleeping bag at 3:30am. After trying to sleep off the fact I was laying in dog pee, I awoke an hour later thinking about freezing to death and how it seemed like a possibility. So I got in my jeep, and blasted the heater. Good times.

Story Time #2

Once upon a time, a group of friends ventured to Angelina National Forest.... (The photos are a mixture of portra 400, velvia 100, and hp5+)

Story Time #1

Once upon a time, 4 boys traveled to Houston...